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Boston College Fact Book

institutional research, planning & assessment

The Boston College Fact Book is released annually by Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment. There are four different ways to view the information published in the Fact Book:

17-18 BC Fact Book
  • The Electronic Fact Book is an exact copy of the paper Fact Book in PDF form, and is most suitable if you wish to view a comprehensive and detailed publication of Boston College facts.
  • The Interactive Trend Tables provide historical information on featured data. They are most appropriate for online viewing, but can also be downloaded into Excel for further analysis.
  • The Interactive Maps display geographic and building information in a dynamic online environment.
  • Facts at a Glance is a concise set of facts and figures that provides an easy-to-read overview of Boston College.
Electronic Fact Book

The 2017-2018 Boston College Fact Book (PDF) (103 pp, 2.1 MB)

Browse the archive of past years' editions.

Search the electronic Fact Book archive.

Interactive Trend Tables
Total Enrollment (2007-2016) Undergraduate Majors (1990-2016)
Degrees Conferred (AY90-AY16) University Gifts (AY87-AY16)
Financial Highlights (FY2004-FY2016) Tuition and Fees (1966-2017)
Room and Board (AY66-AY17) Sponsored Projects (AY11-AY16)
Interactive Maps
Geographic Distribution of Undergraduate Students (1976-2016) Buildings Related to Boston College Operations (May 2017)
International Students (AY92-AY17)
Facts at a Glance

Facts at a Glance