Concentration & Academics

Marketing is a dynamic discipline that thrives on change. Customer wants and needs change, technology changes, methods of distribution change, and our society and culture changes. To be successful in marketing, one must anticipate change. One must be sensitive to new opportunities in the marketplace. With this in mind, students are encouraged to maintain a broad perspective when planning their curriculum. A strength in the sciences makes one more sensitive to technological change, writing and public speaking courses help one become a better communicator of ideas, history and literature provide one with a perspective on change in society, psychology and sociology develop insight into human behavior and so forth.

Students should also bear in mind that marketing has both quantitative and qualitative dimensions. Making new product decisions requires an understanding of marketing research, making pricing decisions requires an understanding of product costs and managerial accounting, and making retail buying decisions requires an understanding of the relationship among costs, demand and profitability. The successful manager in any discipline must be able to write effectively as well as communicate ideas and results effectively in oral presentations. The time and place to begin developing these skills is here, not on the job.

The Marketing Concentration consists of five (5) courses. 

Three (3) Required Courses:

MKTG 1021 Marketing Principles (prerequisite for all other marketing courses)
MKTG 2153 Marketing Research (junior or senior year)
MKTG 4256 Applied Marketing Management (senior year)

Two (2) Electives selected from the following:

MKTG2152 Consumer Behavior                                                                            MKTG3114 Strategic Pricing Management                                                  MKTG3153 Retailing                                                      MKTG3154 Integrated Marketing Communications MKTG3156 Special Topic: Launching Digital Marketing MKTG3157 Professional Selling & Sales Management      MKTG3158 Product Planning & Strategy                        MKTG3165 Strategic Brand Management MKTG3170 Entrepreneurial Marketing in a Digital World                                          MKTG3175 Marketing Practicum                                                          MKTG/ISYS3205 Tech Trek-West                                              MKTG/ISYS3253 Digital Commerce                                                                        MKTG3625 Luxury Marketing                                                                                      MKTG6157 Prof. Selling & Sales Management                                      MKTG6610 Sports Marketing                          MKTG/ISYS6620 Marketing Information Analytics          MKTG/ISYS6621 Social Media and Digital Business                  MKTG/ISYS6635 New Media Industries


MKTG/ISYS6640 Analytics & Business IntelligenceFrom the elective offerings available, students can develop course sequences that support a variety of different possible career paths. The following combinations of marketing courses are suggested for careers in sales, retailing, product management, advertising, and marketing research. Please note that in each case three courses are offered in the sequence. This does not mean that students should necessarily take all three courses but should select two of the three depending on their interests. Students should consult with a faculty advisor in the marketing department for suggestions on other beneficial elective courses in the School of Management and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Sales: Professional Selling & Sales Management, Retailing, Customer Relationship Management
Retailing: Retailing, Product Planning and Strategy, Consumer Behavior
Product Management: Product Planning & Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Communication & Promotion
Advertising: Communication & Promotion, Retailing, Product Planning & Strategy
Marketing Research: Consumer Behavior, Product Planning & Strategy, Marketing Information Analytics