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With its distinctive blend of management education, liberal arts learning, and commitment to the greater good, life at the Carroll School of Management is anything but business as usual. Consistently ranking among the nation’s top business schools, we prepare conscientious, highly skilled, well-rounded professionals ready to lead.

Working closely with faculty and advisors, undergraduates choose a business specialty, discover what drives them, and round out their knowledge by studying across disciplines. In the process, they cultivate their intellectual curiosity and acquire the quantitative and qualitative skills that enable them to thrive in the 21st century economy.

Throughout their four years, students engage with the global and ethical dimensions of business—learning to analyze complex challenges, take risks for innovation, communicate perceptively, and act responsibly. Here, education is about more than finding a job. It’s about creating a place—and making a difference—in the world.

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Best Undergraduate Business Schools, 2016

Bloomberg Businessweek


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Class of 2017


Undergraduate students


of the Class of 2017 also completed a major
or minor in the Morrissey College
of Arts and Sciences

It is my hope that your undergraduate study at the Carroll School of Management fosters growth in both knowledge and wisdom. There's much to learn about the workings of markets and firms, the intersection of technology and business design, the valuation of stocks and the creation of products. But cultivate wisdom, too, as you study the liberal arts and learn, along with Plato, or Hannah Arendt, or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the very real limits of what we all know.
Richard Keeley, Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

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