A Rigorous Education. A Renowned Degree.

We challenge our students to excel, to succeed in our academically rigorous environment, exceed their own expectations, and rise to the complexities of today’s business world—all within a supportive and collaborative community.

Starting with our distinctive Portico course and throughout their four years, students are immersed in a state-of-the-art business education and cultivate astute leadership skills, analytical proficiency, and ethical aptitude.

Because the Jesuit tradition of liberal arts education forms the foundation of our approach, our students are encouraged to pursue double majors and minors across the disciplines and put theory into practice through experiential learning opportunities.

Degree Requirements

Carroll School Curriculum

All Carroll School students are required to fulfill the following courses along the BC Core.

Course Number Course Name Recommended Year
PRTO1000 Portico freshman, first semester
OPER1135 Business Statistics freshman
MATH1100 Calculus freshman
ISYS1021 Computers in Management  freshman
ECON1131 Principles of Microeconomics freshman or sophomore
ECON1132 Principles of Macroeconomics freshman or sophomore
BSLW1021 Introduction to Law freshman, sophomore, or junior year
ACCT1021 Financial Accounting sophomore
ACCT1022 Managerial Accounting sophomore
OPER2235* Math for Management Science sophomore
MGMT1021 Organizational Behavior sophomore or junior
OPER1021 Operations Management junior
MFIN1021 Basic Finance junior
MKTG1021 Principles of Marketing junior
MGMT3099 Strategic Management senior
  4-6 Carroll School concentration courses junior & senior
  12 Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences  elective credits**  all years

*In addition to Calculus, all students must take a second math course. This course can be chosen from among a "bucket" that includes Math for Management, Calculus II, Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Econometric Methods. All Carroll School students must take at least one math course at BC.

**Advanced Placement credit may not be used to meet this requirement

Discipline Number of Courses
Arts (Fine Arts, Music, Theatre) 1 course
Cultural Diversity 1 course
History (Modern History) 2 courses
Literature (Classics, English, Germanic Studies, Romance Language & Literatures,  Slavic & Eastern Languages) 1 course
Mathematics (Fulfilled by MATH1100 for Carroll School students) 1 course
Natural Science (Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Environmental Science, Physics) 2 courses
Philosophy 2 courses
Social Science (Fulfilled by ECON1131 & ECON1132 for Carroll School students) 2 courses
Theology 2 courses
Writing 1 course

*This requirement may be fulfilled by an appropriate course taken to fulfill another core requirement, major requirement, or an elective

Incentives for Pursuing Studies Outside of the Carroll School of Management

  • A student pursuing a minor in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences or the Lynch School of Education may elect to eliminate one of the Carroll School core management courses. Selection of the eliminated course must be done with advising from the Associate Dean’s office. No one may eliminate Portico, Financial Accounting, Statistics, Microeconomic or Macroeconomic Principles.  
    • Students who complete the pre-medical program requirements (without a major or minor in MCAS) are eligible for this incentive as well.  They will be able to eliminate one Carroll School core requirement, following the same guidelines as above.
  • A student pursuing a major in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences may elect to eliminate two of the Carroll School core management courses. Selection of the eliminated courses must be done with advising from the Associate Dean’s office. No one may eliminate Portico, Financial Accounting, Statistics, Microeconomic or Macroeconomic Principles.

Note: Students are not eligible to combine any of the incentives above (i.e. a student with two minors may not eliminate two courses.)

Students should consult with the Undergraduate Associate Dean's Office with any questions regarding the Carroll School curriculum or graduation requirements.



By the Numbers


of the Class of 2018 (260 juniors) studied abroad.


of juniors in the Class of 2017 completed a summer internship.


of the class of 2017 also completed a major or minor in the Morrissey College.


of graduating seniors seeking employment in the Class of 2017 were employed within three months of graduation.

Education for an Evolving World

Our students choose up to two concentrations in which to focus their studies. Concentrations are available in the areas of accounting, business analytics, computer science, economics, finance, information systems, marketing, operations management, leadership, and general management. 


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