The total course work required for the Ph.D. is 16 courses (48 credits). Students entering the program with an M.A. in philosophy may be given credit for up to six courses (18 credits) toward this requirement, but must take a minimum of ten courses (30 credits) in the program. Students entering the program without an M.A. earn an M.A. on their way to the Ph.D.

Financial Aid

The policy of the department is to offer students admitted to the doctoral program full funding. The department normally receives sufficient funding to admit five new students to the doctoral program each year. Funding comes in the form of tuition remission scholarships and of stipends (graduate assistantships and teaching fellowships). Funding is guaranteed for a number of years (typically four or five) at the time of admission. There is no need to reapply for funding, but satisfactory progress towards completion of degree requirements and satisfactory performance of assistantship and teaching duties are conditions for continuation of funding. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences funds, on a competitive basis, an additional program of dissertation fellowships in order to free doctoral students from teaching responsibilities and enable them to complete their dissertations.

Application Deadline

January 2

For specific questions about the Philosophy department's graduate programs please contact RoseMarie DeLeo. All other requests onthe application process should be made to the Graduate School at the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences.  

Additional Information