Dissertations Defended Between 1969 and 2017


Djintcharadzé, Anna
L’a priori de la connaissance au sein du statut logique et ontologique de l’argument de Dieu de
Saint Anselme: La reception médiévale de l’argument (XIIIe-XIVe siècles)
Stephen Brown

Ellis, David
Providence and Pedagogy in Plotinus
Gary Gurtler, S.J.

Marren, Marina
A Philosophical Study of Tyranny in Plato, Sophocles, and Aristophanes
John Sallis


Floyd, Gregory P.
From Consciousness to Life: Phenomenology and the Religious Phenomenon in Husserl,
Heidegger, and Kierkegaard
Jeffrey Bloechl

Rothman, Hayyim
Reason’s Rebellion, or Anarchism out of the Sources of Spinozism
Jean-Luc Solère

Cain, Steven Robert
The Standing of the Soul: The Search for a Middle Being Between God and Matter in the De Statu Animae of Claudianus Mamertus
Stephen Brown

Ingiyimbere, Fidèle, S.J.
Domesticating Human Rights: A Reappraisal of their Cultural-Political Critiques and their Imperialistic Use
David Rasmussen

Oldfield, James Peter
On Guilt and Recognition
Jeffrey Bloechl

Taylor, James
The Ethics of Subjectivity: Activity and Passivity Through Phenomenology, Hermeneutics and Askesis
Richard Kearney


Haggarty, Joseph M.
The Principle of Individuation According to St. Thomas Aquinas: An Interpretation In Embryo
Eileen Sweeney

Ramos, Santiago
What’s Beautiful Is Difficult: Beauty and Eros in Plato’s Hippias Major
Marina McCoy

Maughan-Brown, Frances
The Authority of the Lily and the Bird in Kierkegaard’s Lily Discourses
Richard Kearney

Fenichel, Teresa
Uncanny Belonging Schelling, Freud and the Vertigo of Freedom
Vanessa Rumble

Moka-Mubelo, S.J., Willy
Reconciling Law and Morality in Human Rights Discourse Beyond the Habermasian Account of Human Rights
David Rasmussen

Larry, Sarit
Trigger-Narratives: A Perspective on Radical Political Transformations
Richard Kearney


Bueya, S.J., Emmanuel
Stability in Africa: Indeterminacy and Credence

Connors, Colin
The Early Modern Debate on the Problem of Matter's Divisibility: A Neo-Aristotelian Solution

Gomez Perez, Gustavo
Gesture and Art in Heidegger and Merleau-Ponty

Smith, Michael Jaeger
Imagination, Authority, and Community in Spinoza's Theological-Political Treatise
Solère/Tacelli/Shell/Stev Lecturer

Clarke, Evan
Kant, Husseri, and Analyticity
Staiti/Stan/Robert Hanna (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Enslin, S.J., John V.
Kant on Human Dignity: A Conversation among Scholars
Tacelli/McCoy/Stan/Oliver Sensen

Britt, William G.
Seduction is Not Yet Betrayal: Trust and the Essence of Truth for Heidegger and Freud
Bloechl/Rumble/Capobianco (Stonehill)/Tony Steinbock (Illinios)

Hanly, Peter
Figuring the Between: An Essay on Heidegger and Novalis
Sallis/Rumble/Marcia Schuback (Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden)

Vanden Bout, Melissa
Thomas Aquinas and the Generation of the Embryo: Being Human Before the Rational Soul


Thomas, Mark J.
Freedom and Ground: Schelling's Treatise on Human Freedom
Salllis/Rumble/Dennis Schmidt (Penn State)

Helenius, Timo
The Culture of Recognition: Another Reading of Paul Ricoeur's Work
Kearney/Blanchette/George H. Taylor (University of Pittsburgh)

Rabinoff, Sharon Eve
Perception in Aristotle's Ethics

Keiling, Tobias
Opened Grounds: Studies on Foundation and Truth in Phenomenology

Varghese, Joshy P.
The Metaphysics of Diversity and Authenticity: A Comparative Reading of Taylor and Gandhi on Holistic Identity

Purcell, Elizabeth B.
Flourishing Bodies: Disability, Virtue, Happiness


Moss Brender, Noah
THE MEANING OF LIFE: A Merleau-Pontian Investigation of How Living Bodies Make Sense
Bloechl/David Morris (Concordia)/Byrne

Sentesy, Mark
Aristotle: Movement and the Structure of Being

Lynch, Richard A.
The Art of Governing: The Critical Ethics of Michel Foucault
Bernauer/Rasmussen/Amy Allen (Dartmouth) P/T Instructor Dept. of Philosophy

Cioni, Joseph R.
A Breadkown in the Good of Order: An Analysis of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis Informed by Bernard Lonergan's Notion of the Human Good
Byrne/Richard Nielsen (CSOM)

Pérez-Carrasco, Andrés
Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Painting, GESTALT and Reversibility

Romero, S.J., M. Ross
Without the Least Tremor: The Significance of the Sacrifice of Socrates in Plato's PHAEDO
Sallis/Gurtler/McCoy (Asst. Prof. Dept. of Philosophy)

Robinson, Matthew A.
The Early 13th Century Latin-Augustinian Reception of the Peripatetic Agent Intellect and the Historical Constitution of the Self
Solére/Sweeney/Brown/Timothy B. Noone (Catholic University)

Shmikler, Joshua A.
Confronting the Philosophers: Socrates and the Eleatic Stranger in Plato's SOPHIST

Veith, Jerome
Self and Tradition: Historical Understanding and Social Life in Gadamer
Sallis/Rumble/James Risser (Seattle University)/Figal

Witt, Jeffery C.
Between Faith and Science: Gregory of Rimini on Theological Knowledge in his 14th Century Context
Solére/Sweeney/Brown/Marrone (Tufts)

Svetelj, Tone
Rereading Modernity-Charles Taylor on its Genesis and Prospects
Madigan/Bloechl/Dominic Doyle (STM)

Ewegen, Shane M.
Playing with Words: Plato's CRATYLUS and the Comic Unfolding of Language
Sallis/McCoy/Robert Metcalf

Dissertations defended prior to 2012

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