Study and Work Abroad

One major reason to learn French is to take advantage of the many study abroad opportunities Boston College offers in France. The BC Office of International Programs (OIP) has a number of semester-long and year-long programs in Paris. Students can participate in programs at some of the most prestigious universities in France. These include:

L'Institut Catholique de Paris (ICP)

L'Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po)

L'Ecole Supérieure de Commerce (ESCP)

L'Institut de Langue et de Culture Francaise (ILCF)

Université de Paris IV, La Sorbonne

Université de Paris IX, Dauphine

For more details about the different programs please consult the OIP (Office of International Programs). They will help you to find the best program for you based on your interests and your level of French. Students may also wish to consult Prof. Jeff Flagg for further information on study abroad in France.

Summer Study Abroad - Bordeaux, France

Our French faculty also offer Intensive Intermediate French through the OIP in Bordeaux, France. This is a 5-week, immersion style language program that enables students to fulfill the Foreign Language Proficiency Requirement for A&S and CSOM. This is a great way to jump start your French, as you immerse yourself in the language and culture of one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Bordeaux, a town of 213,000 has just been named a World Heritage city by UNESCO and serve as home base for the program. Bordeaux is known for its stunningly beautiful architecture and rich history. Students will travel throughout southwestern France and will discover the richness of multi-ethnic cultures as interwoven into life in France.

Prerequisites:  This 5 week, 6-credit course is designed for students who have placed into Intermediate French I on the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures online Placement Exam or who have completed one year of Elementary French or Intensive Elementary French at BC. 

For more information, contact Andréa Javel, visit the program website and the Summer Programs section of the OIP website.

Read what our students say about the BC Intensive Intermediate French Program in Bordeaux:

“Studying French in Bordeaux was an unbelievable experience. I was surprised at how fast I was able to pick up the language after living with a host family and attending class. The students in the class truly bonded as we adventured around France together. I still keep in touch with most of them, even three years later.”
Hannah Garrigan, Class of 2015

“Studying abroad in Bordeaux is one of the most memorable college experiences I had. Whether it is shopping in Rue Sainte-Catherine, going for a stroll near Garonne River, visiting world-renowned wineries such as St. Emilion, learning the language by talking to my host family, or exploring the local delicacies such as canelé, you will find yourself immersed in French culture and this beautiful city.”
Yoonhye “Linda” Kim, Class of 2017

“I studied French all throughout high school and have been exposed to French from a very young age. Both my mother and grandmother are fluent in French and I think my sister and I were pushed towards French because of that. Throughout the years, and especially now in college, I have really developed a passion for speaking a foreign language. Outside of my business major, foreign language, particularly French is really one of my biggest academic goals. I believe that knowing the language makes it far easier to connect culturally when in France and it really deepens one’s experience when traveling or working abroad. So this passion really leads into why I went to Bordeaux and why I have decided to spend a semester there this coming fall at Dauphine, a business school in Paris. I will be abroad for the fall semester and am very excited to see what the trip has in store for me.”
John Banoub, Class of 2017

Summer Internship Program - Paris, France

In the summer of 2014, Boston College’s Office of International Programs (OIP) expanded their Summer Internship Program to include a French speaking country for the first time, opening up opportunities for the many French Language Program students on campus to incorporate their desire to study abroad with a unique work experience. In Paris, the political and cultural capital of France, the OIP now offers a multitude of placements with companies in various industries as well as a diverse collection of smaller NGOs and nonprofits. This unique two-month opportunity provides academic guidance, homestay accommodations with a local family, and a chance to gain professional experience in an international setting all the while expanding one’s knowledge and competency of French.  Please contact Erin Shevlin, Summer & Internship Programs Manager, Office of International Programs at

Further Study after Study Abroad

Many students, after having successfully accomplished their original goal of study abroad, return to Boston College with a more firm understanding of their passion for French. As an addition to the experiences of study abroad that ground students’ understanding of the practicality of proficiency in a foreign language and the credits, which transfer from the university abroad, the immersion experience has a way of inspiring many students to continue exploring their curiosity for French by taking additional language or literature courses or declaring a minor or major in French. When returning to Boston College after your study abroad experience, carefully consider the many opportunities (in the form of literature, linguistics, teaching methodology courses etc.) that still wait for you on campus to ever advance your language skills.