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Office of News & Public Affairs


office of public affairs

Access to Campus & Parking

Media representatives must request access to campus in advance by calling the Office of News & Public Affairs at (617) 552-3350. Public Affairs will notify the appropriate campus gate attendant of your arrival and direct you to available parking.

Boston College Video/Photography Requests
Use of Logo/Imagery Requests

From time to time, media agencies request the use of a Boston College campus setting for an external video or photography project, or the use of campus photos or images, logos or other identifiable materials (clothing, pennants, publications, etc.) for commercial or entertainment productions.

The following guidelines are in effect for such requests:

  • A written letter of intent must be submitted to the Office of News & Public Affairs before permission for such use is granted. This letter must include information regarding the requested location, dates, times, length and number of people and vehicles to be involved in the proposed project (if applicable), a list of BC-related materials that will be used, and a detailed description of the project itself and its intended use.
  • If the Office of news & Public Affairs approves an on-campus project, the requester must submit a certificate of insurance and appropriate release forms. The shoot will not be allowed to take place unless this material is received in advance of the proposed date.
  • The requester will be required to pay for any Boston College-related materials needed for the project, as well as any overtime or miscellaneous expenses incurred by the University in connection with the shoot. If it is a commercial venture, a daily location fee may be required.
  • Requests for projects that interfere with the University's academic enterprise or student life will not be approved.
  • Due to the number of requests for student projects, the University does not grant location requests that are not directly affiliated with Boston College class assignments.
  • Requesters who wish to use Boston College's name, nicknames, building or unit names when filming, videotaping and/or photographing the University campus for commercial and/or entertainment purposes may do so only with the approval of the Office of the President (to be arranged through the Office of News & Public Affairs.) At no other time may Boston College be identified in the finished product.
  • The complete University policy on use of Boston College facilities for filming, videotaping and still photography for commercial and entertainment purposes is available at: /offices/policies/manual/

For additional information please contact the Office of News & Public Affairs at (617) 552-3350.